The Gods Reach (feat. Killa Kali,Nowaah The Flood)

These days if you ain’t watching producers’ SoundCloud and Bandcamp pages, you’re likely missing out on some of the best cuts. We try to feature a steady stream of beatsmiths on the rise because: a) they deserve shine for their crate research and sampler prowess, and b) their music tends to feature some of the nicest MCs. For example, did you know you can find dope Roc Marciano songs on new albums from both MWP and ChanHays? And we’re sure you dig a Ruste Juxx verse as much as the next head, but did you know he dropped a full album with a production duo know as the Beat Bruisers? Didn’t think so.

Today we are introducing you to these two San Gabriel (CA) cats putting contusions on compositions. They go by Suplex and Harsh Ramirez. The former is strictly beats, the latter cooks up tracks and spits too. Since last year’s project with Ruste (which co-starred L.A.’s Pawz One), the Bruisers have been relatively quiet. But that changes right now.

“The Gods Reach” is the first cut of many that pairs these loop diggers with GCM/PRR general Killa Kali. When Kali hit L.A. earlier in the year, he stopped by the Bruisers’ Chop Shop Studio to drop off bricks. Then Kali invited young gun and fellow PRR representative Nowaah The Flood to sew up “The Gods Reach.” The soundscape here is a layering of choral vocal sample, sparse strings, and a two-note bassline. The drums are limited to just hi-hats and cymbals. This gives the MCs plenty of room to flex. Kali gets wavy with his distinctive brand of fly abstraction, then Nowaah flips that grimy wordplay that’s got his name buzzing in the streets. Hit play below and surf this tsunami


Taken from MassAppeal.

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