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a little bit about me

DirtyDiggs is a beatmaking/production crew that consists of two brothers (NoyOne & J.R.) who hail from the west coast capital of Los Angeles, California. With the influence of the golden-era b boy boom bap, they represent the digging-in-the-crates subculture of hiphop that is sometimes lost in today’s pop rap radio world. The name ‘DirtyDiggs’ itself embodies the rare and forgotten samples left by past generations for this one to rediscover, or to “dig up”. This is prominent in their straight-off-the-vinyl sound. Their sound definitely pays homage to a crate digging culture.

DirtyDiggs has produced for the likes of Planet Asia, Killa Kali, Tristate, Killer Ben, Montage One, Rogue Venom, Turbin, Talib Kweli, Roc Marciano, Mac Mall, B Legit, Fashawn, Willie the Kid, Chace Infinite, Phil the Agony, Rasco, Blu, Bambu, DrunkenTigerJK and more.

Dirty Diggs released two instrumental projects showcasing their production style. A series of rare chops, melodic loops and organic rhythms titled “Chainstrumentals” on Gold Chain Music LLC. Chainstrumentals Vol.1 -Digg Hard Play Dirty was released in March of 2011 and Chainstrumentals Vol.2 – Stash Box was release in Sept. of 2012. This production team of brothers have established a strong foundation of crate digging and promise to be digging for years to come.