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Killa Kali


a little bit about me

Knowledge All Lyrical Ingredient (KALI)
Fresno born, North Los Angeles Raised rapper Killa Kali grew up in the golden era of hip hop and has been influenced by the fathers of rap like Sir Ibu, Rakim, MC Shan, Big Daddy Kane, GhostFace, Raekwon, NAS, and many others. Kali was inducted in to Gold Chain Music in 2005 by Turbin And Planet Asia. Taken under the wing of Planet Asia, Kali studied and sharpened his blades for war in his debut with label mates on the “Post War” mix tape and “Gold Chain War” Lp distributed by RBC in 2010. Working with producers like dirty diggs, alchemist, Large Professor, Evidence and Dj babu of Dilated peoples as well many others. Kali has kept constant presence in rotation with a slew of features under the Gold Chain umbrella. In 2013 Kali Independently released his debut Ep “Poisonous Diggs” Followed by a self produced Mixtape “Cadena De Oro” While contributing to the launch of his solo career Killa Kali with the help of DirtyDiggs have produced “Killa Kaligraphy” distributed by Foundation Media to add to the catalog, a classic Gold Chain Lp with features from all GCM members as well as BLU, Phill The Agony and Rascoe of Cali Agents. Working non stop Kali has an archive of music preparing for release so be on the look out for future projects from this GCM veteran.