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a little bit about me

At first mention, ones mind conjures up images of three borders connecting. On the surface, this conclusion would be correct. However, if you were to look a little deeper you will find something much more intriguing. The lyrical manifestation of the balance between mind, body and spirit has been presented to us in the form of Tristate a.k.a. Metal Palms. A three-dimensional emcee with the wisdom of a prophet, the fearlessness of a gladiator and the confidence of a celestial servant.

Tristate uses husky toned vibrato, clever punch lines and charismatic delivery to triangulate your position while striking you with his lyrical weaponry. As most emcees seek to tow the line, Tristate’s mission is to set the standard and then exceed it.

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Tristate has been spitting rhymes since 1992. His powerful message has earned him a tremendous amount of respect among his peers. He’s worked with the likes of Ne-Yo, King T, X Clan, Ras Kass, The Alkaholiks, Bad Azz, and many others. Which speaks volumes about his abilities as an emcee.

Tristate has blessed tracks by some of Hip Hop’s most talented producers such as DJ Khalil (Self Scientific, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Raekwon, G-UNIT and the Game), Thayod Ausar (Xzibit and Lloyd Banks), Soul Nana of The System Music Productions (The Cheetah Girls, Don Yute, EA Sports and MTV’s “Yo Mama”), Sa Ra Creative Partners for Good Music (Kanye West, Bilal, Black Eyed Peas and Pharoahe Monch) as well as One Session for Suburban Noize Records.

A true enemy of the current state of Hip Hop, Tristate feels compelled to offer an alternative to the all too often mundane choices. His versatility has been documented through his work with the previously mentioned artists. Further establishing his credentials is his membership in the G.C.M. (Gold Chain Military).

He has set the underground scene on fire with co-members Planet Asia, Ben Buford, and Turbin. More than your run of the mill studio rapper, he has opened for Styles P of the Lox, X-Clan, Heltah Skeltah, Tha Liks, Large Professor, Dilated People’s, Pharoahe Monch and a host of others. A tri-lateral, tri- dimensional explosion is coming your way through Tristate, Stay Linked!!!